Okay, well, ALMOST time;)


The applications are in, approved, stamped…. the cocks have been locked and loaded, fondled by me three times before handed over to the store owners for them to have their wicked, wicked ways with them before YOU..  YOU, my loyal hunters, get to hunt down our precious little golden cocks.

And THIS time.. this time the golden cock has a HEART-ON just for the occasion.

Unlike all the other hunts, we are celebrating LUST.  Fuck that love shit, we ALL know what makes the world go ’round.  Lust. Sex. Passion. We are going to show you the raunchy side of the Valentine’s season, in proper Inner Slut fashion.

I have tons of awesome stores for you this time, just like every other time..  actually, I got a few more this time!  We almost, ALMOST hit 50.  I will go OVER 50 next time, I will work my ass off more than normal JUST to make this the biggest adult hunt I can:)

FEBRUARY 15th at 12:00AM (00:00 SLT, to all those who read international time), we will be launching the hints, and all the store owners will have their prizes ready (at least, I am hoping).  So have patience while I finish revamping this blog to prepare it for this week!:)


Lusty Regards,

Suff Lockjaw

your lowly coordinator