The Hunt is Started!

We had a rough start, with some stores being missing, and others not quite reading the informational notecard that came with their cock object, but we are ALMOST completely done with the initial 48 hours of insanity!!!:D 

I want to thank all my merchants who are in the hunt for being the most awesome, fabulous content creators ever, and the hunters who have been patient and loyal through the beginning days:)  HYIS2 has now been live for almost 27 hours, and we only have maybe 3 errors to fix and we will be smooth sailing from here on out:)

If you look to the left of this post, you will see there is a tab called HINTS!!!!!…  please click on that for all the links and hints to the stores!  We have some well, known stores as well as some new ones (like my own at #30…lol), and I think you will agree with me that they did an awesome job!  Make sure to stop by the Hunt Office at the end to take your picture on Kock Kong, the hugeass golden penis with poses all over it!  LMAO!  There is even a pose for you petites, on the rim:D


Lustfully yours,