Update! We are coming along famously!:D

Most of you who have been hanging in with us since the first round of this hunt, have noticed that the hunt logo and the blog have both improved.  I wanted to use the colors of the season for my hemisphere (I am in Canada, so it’s autumn here), as well as make the sign look more professional.  I hope you all like it as much as I do (and I am a hard bitch to please somedays…LOL).

I will add that if anyone out there sees my blog and says “Oh my god, I can jazz up her site in ways that will make it pop out and get thousands of hits a week!”, then PLEASE feel free to IM me.  I am bloggishly-impaired.  LOL!!

At the current moment, I have approximately 20 approved stores for the HYIS2.  I want at least 50, preferably more.  If you know of any HIGH-detail, adult-minded stores (clothes (with and without implant-friendly appliers), accessories, shapes, skins, shoes, furniture, gestures, poses, artwork, etc…etc…etc…. please feel free to suggest our hunt to them, and send them the link to this page, along with pointing out the application at https://huntforyourinnerslut.wordpress.com/application-for-hyis2/.  They MUST be on a sim that allows mature/adult content (the object for this hunt is lip-smackingly graphic..LOL)

This is going to be a fun hunt, I promise you…  not only your regular gifts from the stores, but I randomly shower the group with presents….  so if you want to enjoy the FULL effect of the hunt, make sure to join the inworld group:)


Lustfully yours,



Hunt for Your Inner Slut is accepting applications NOWWWWW!!!

Dear high quality adult content creator,

Hello! I am Suff (or Leannan, as my display name is at the moment) Lockjaw. Some of you might know me from Hard Alley, as I work/live very closely with many of the residents and managers there, and am also the madame of the House of Ill Repute brothel located in Hard Alley.

I have experience both running my own hunt on another avatar, and volunteering with an adult hunt that’s been off and on now for a year, so I decided to branch off and do my own and see if I can be successful enough to make this a repeating event:) And so far, the first Hunt for Your Inner Slut has been great, even with my RL health being a bit poor during the middle part of it.

I am writing to let you know what I am looking for in this hunt; top quality, detailed, lovingly-made adult goods. I want EVERY adult-minded Second Life resident to know about all the amazing high quality stores that cater to their needs, and not just the regular slap-dash average items you can find everywhere. There are so many fantastic stores who cater to the inner-slut in some of us, that aren’t SEEN as much as they need to be, so that is my goal behind this hunt…. to show off more of the amazing naughty tidbits out there in our world, and bring more people to YOUR stores.

That goal is threefold: You get the added foot traffic, you get more people discovering your store and hopefully SPENDING cash at your place, and the hunters get an example of your goods. I DO have one request if you decide to join me… PLEASE make your gift something that shows your talent. I know you all are busy, but I also know you want to show your aspiring and continued customers your REAL talent, so put a little love into what you want to give for this hunt:) Remember this gift will make people go “DAMN, I want to go back and buy that whole store out!”. That’s the kind of gift that makes your store pop up in their mind when they go through their hunt folders after, and the kind that will have them coming back for MORE.

The theme is SLUTTY. Yeah, I said it.. SLUTTY. This is not a low, cheap term in my mind, this means down-deep gutter-minded, sexy, hot, just all-out sensual and sexual. I would love to see ultra-lowcut sensual clothes for both women AND men (yeah, some men will venture through this..LOL), hot sexual poses and furniture, porn-style artwork… you get the idea..LOL! Bring out your inner pornstar while thinking about joining this hunt:)

If you join our hunt group after you are accepted, with yourself or with your alt, please let me know so I can give you a Merchant tag…. you will have more rights with that:) I allow advertising for your sales you do during the hunt (best time to lure in more sales!) as long as it isn’t a barrage of notices. Once a week would be great:). The blog is at https://huntforyourinnerslut.wordpress.com/ .

Okay, so without further ado… here is the application, if you are interested in joining. Just copy this into your inventory, fill it out, ADD A FULL-PERM LOGO TEXTURE so I can use it for the blog, and send it to Sufferingfrom Lockjaw (the creator of this notecard, if you want an easy way to get my profile to send it to me:) 􀀃

And please, make sure your sim is at least Moderate/Mature/Adult… I allow a few general sims, but ONLY if the store owner is willing to take the flack if a child avatar or RL teen (they are in main SL grid now) sees the penis and reports it.

If you have ANY questions, write myself or Trixianna Saenz an IM or notecard.. if we are offline, it might be best to notecard me and i will write you back as soon as I can:)
Lusty regards,

Sufferingfrom “Leannan” Lockjaw
Coordinator for Hunt for Your Inner Slut
November 15 – December 15, 2012