Day 12 – News of My Demise….

Hey, folks,

There is an old saying..  “News of my demise is greatly exaggerated.”  Noone has said I was dead, but after the last 2 weeks I had with my RL health, it feels appropriate.  LOL!  The last two days were “RL grabbed me by the tits” days. Tomorrow I will resume trying to catch up on the hunt and building and attempting to have a social life outside hunting and building:D
Thanks to those who have been keeping me in their thoughts. I am pretty much back to as normal as *I* will ever be, til Thurs morning when I have a dental appt *shudders*.

BTW, public service announcement…. I got an offline the other day, from a store owner that someone named Slinky Seetan was spamming my hunt blog in his/her store, and if I am affiliated with this individual. If you are a store owner and see this person in there, spamming anything, kick their asses out. This person, nor anyone except Trixianna “Nina Tempest-Lockjaw” Saenz, the owners of the participating stores, and myself are affliliated with Hunt for Your Inner Slut, and I sure as hell don’t give authorization for someone to be a free advertisement for this hunt, unless

that store has said “Hey, can I put your sign up for advertising?”.
I give the participating stores the permission and right to put notifications of awesome sales in their stores, as long as they keep it to a decent rate. Once a day, not so cool. Once or twice a week, that is cool. I know if some store is selling 250L$ marked down to 50L$, I sure as hell wanna know about it, especially if I got the dough:).
Oh, and I WILL be hosting adult karaoke at the House of the Ill Repute in Hard Alley (adult sex sim) on Wednesday, from 12-4pm. This is also not in affiliation with Hunt for Your Inner Slut, but I am just such an awesome person that I want to hang out with everyone…. *cracks up* You don’t have to sing, you can just hang out. Singing is per Voice-chat only, external mic and speakers if you can, please don’t talk while there is a singer singing. Oh, and nakedness is encouraged, sex is cheered on and scored. Oh, and it is JUST for fun, not for profit, unless you want to tip a singer.
Are we all caught up on this week’s news report? Oh, yes, and I have plans on filling #039 this week and giving out more presents from my own store. What, you aren’t in the hunt group ingame? Join it so you can get in on the fun!
~Leannan “Suff” Lockjaw-Tempest
(username Sufferingfrom Lockjaw)

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