Almost time to start the hunt!!!!

I am currently finishing up the document with the hints… we had a few changes (Seductive Designs, Innovation Designs, and MiChiGaNs ShAcK all had to cancel, Karamelis Designs and WistfulMist Boudoir Studio are in).  Also Roosters & cHix had to go out of town at the last minute (he is supposed to be back by this weekend), and Etchaflesh is having some MAJOR computer problems, so I will have them listed as “SKIP FOR NOW”, because they ARE going to be in the hunt, they just had things happen that caused them to not be in SL in time to set up their objects.  (SEND POSITIVE THOUGHTS TO ETCHAFLESH’S COMPUTER!!!!!!!  We all know how difficult it is to be without one!).

We actually have 41 stores, but I am leaving the number at 42, because I am a slutty geek in that way (plus I plan on shoving someone else into that blank spot as soon as I can).

Bear with me, I have gotten sick in the last couple days and I waited until the last minute for some things…  but… BUT… I will not fail you all, promise:D  I might be behind on the logos and prize pics (YES, I will be posting both), but the hints are more important to have up in time, so we will have those ready to go!

Thank you for rockin’ this hunt, and for supporting the adult creator content community! Make sure to check out all these AWESOME stores, because they worked their asses off to give you something special from them:)


Lusty regards,

Suff Lockjaw

Coordinator of Hunt for Your Inner Slut


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