Day 12 – News of My Demise….

Hey, folks,

There is an old saying..  “News of my demise is greatly exaggerated.”  Noone has said I was dead, but after the last 2 weeks I had with my RL health, it feels appropriate.  LOL!  The last two days were “RL grabbed me by the tits” days. Tomorrow I will resume trying to catch up on the hunt and building and attempting to have a social life outside hunting and building:D
Thanks to those who have been keeping me in their thoughts. I am pretty much back to as normal as *I* will ever be, til Thurs morning when I have a dental appt *shudders*.

BTW, public service announcement…. I got an offline the other day, from a store owner that someone named Slinky Seetan was spamming my hunt blog in his/her store, and if I am affiliated with this individual. If you are a store owner and see this person in there, spamming anything, kick their asses out. This person, nor anyone except Trixianna “Nina Tempest-Lockjaw” Saenz, the owners of the participating stores, and myself are affliliated with Hunt for Your Inner Slut, and I sure as hell don’t give authorization for someone to be a free advertisement for this hunt, unless

that store has said “Hey, can I put your sign up for advertising?”.
I give the participating stores the permission and right to put notifications of awesome sales in their stores, as long as they keep it to a decent rate. Once a day, not so cool. Once or twice a week, that is cool. I know if some store is selling 250L$ marked down to 50L$, I sure as hell wanna know about it, especially if I got the dough:).
Oh, and I WILL be hosting adult karaoke at the House of the Ill Repute in Hard Alley (adult sex sim) on Wednesday, from 12-4pm. This is also not in affiliation with Hunt for Your Inner Slut, but I am just such an awesome person that I want to hang out with everyone…. *cracks up* You don’t have to sing, you can just hang out. Singing is per Voice-chat only, external mic and speakers if you can, please don’t talk while there is a singer singing. Oh, and nakedness is encouraged, sex is cheered on and scored. Oh, and it is JUST for fun, not for profit, unless you want to tip a singer.
Are we all caught up on this week’s news report? Oh, yes, and I have plans on filling #039 this week and giving out more presents from my own store. What, you aren’t in the hunt group ingame? Join it so you can get in on the fun!
~Leannan “Suff” Lockjaw-Tempest
(username Sufferingfrom Lockjaw)

WELCOME to Hunt for Your Inner Slut!!!

For everyone, WELCOME to Hunt for Your Inner Slut. This is our FIRST official hunt, and we are going to have FUN making it the biggest we can:)
Feel free to tell all your friends about it, hand out the Welcome notecard to all your adult friends, feel free to visit the office (LM is in the v2.1 signs that I hope all the stores now have out).
There is not much at the office, I am still setting it up, but there is a social media board where you can click to go to any of our online pages (the blog, Facebook, Flickr) (NOTE FROM SUFF: This seems to not be working for some, I will try to fix it).

This week, I will be also updating all the logos into it and adding the SLURLs for each one, so if you want to use that way of getting to each store, it’s there at your fingertips. I will also be adding another tab, showing the giftie that each of the stores have made for you. If the creators have not given me a picture by the beginning of the hunt, Nina and I are thinking about taking pics of each one and adding to the blog and Facebook ourselves… so NO MATTER WHAT, you will see what you are getting:).

Hang in there and have patience with me and with the store owners… this is a good bit of work, but it is SO worth it, because most of you hunters are really going to enjoy the stores I have chosen for you:)
And men, I know you are going to feel left out in some cases because a good deal of the gifts are geared towards women, but I promise you, there are some presents in this that you are going to LOOOOVVEEE… so stick by us and enjoy the ride.
There will also be free gifts from Slut Couture Solutions (my Marketplace store that I didn’t add to the hunt, because of no ingame store) throughout the hunt: photo studios, artwork, jewerly, poses…. so make sure to check group notices DURING THE HUNT from time to time so you get them:)
NINE more days, people! And we begin! Enjoy!

~Lusty Regards,
Suff Lockjaw
Hunt Coordinator, Hunt for Your Inner Slut

Almost time to start the hunt!!!!

I am currently finishing up the document with the hints… we had a few changes (Seductive Designs, Innovation Designs, and MiChiGaNs ShAcK all had to cancel, Karamelis Designs and WistfulMist Boudoir Studio are in).  Also Roosters & cHix had to go out of town at the last minute (he is supposed to be back by this weekend), and Etchaflesh is having some MAJOR computer problems, so I will have them listed as “SKIP FOR NOW”, because they ARE going to be in the hunt, they just had things happen that caused them to not be in SL in time to set up their objects.  (SEND POSITIVE THOUGHTS TO ETCHAFLESH’S COMPUTER!!!!!!!  We all know how difficult it is to be without one!).

We actually have 41 stores, but I am leaving the number at 42, because I am a slutty geek in that way (plus I plan on shoving someone else into that blank spot as soon as I can).

Bear with me, I have gotten sick in the last couple days and I waited until the last minute for some things…  but… BUT… I will not fail you all, promise:D  I might be behind on the logos and prize pics (YES, I will be posting both), but the hints are more important to have up in time, so we will have those ready to go!

Thank you for rockin’ this hunt, and for supporting the adult creator content community! Make sure to check out all these AWESOME stores, because they worked their asses off to give you something special from them:)


Lusty regards,

Suff Lockjaw

Coordinator of Hunt for Your Inner Slut