We have relocated this website…

For those who haven’t realized it, we moved over to the new Hunt for Your Inner Slut site awhile back:)  Please go to http://www.sluthunts.com/ for all your needs;)


Updated 05 May 2018


Tonight We Begin Again!!!

Yeaahhhh babies!  It’s that time again, when we get ready to hunt that inner slut again!  The cock has changed a bit (next time I hope to find a really perfect mesh cock soon!)

We start at midnight tonight!  Keep your eyes peeled!!!!


Hunt for Your Inner Slut 5

T’is the Season To Be Slutty!!!!!!

Are you all ready?  Ready for some hot slutty hunting?  Yeahhh, babies, it’s TIME.. TIME to get your hunt on!

35 stores this time..  not a big hunt, but quality is always better than quantity!  Quite a few return stores, and a few new ones to boot!!!

Greta’s Couture 
Rachel Swallows Creations 
Hard Candy
Lushish Catz 
Jadey’s Jewelry 
Que Bella 
The Crossing 

WistfulMist Gallery 
Lok’s Low Prim Furniture 
Pink Sugah 
The Slut Shop 
Twisted Finials 
QE Designs 
Porn Info Center 
Moonlight Pointe Creations

Purple Candy 

Amberlicious Designs
Sick Puppy 
The Slut Shop XXX
Burning Desire 
Slutwear by Lexi 
7Deadly S{K}ins 
Murr’s House of Kinky Cards 

D&G Fashions 

Carrie’s Lingerie
{{Imajica’s G-Spot}} Gestures 


HINT PAGE LAUNCHES AT 12:00PM (00:00) June 15th!!!!  Watch the left side for it!

Procrastination at Its Finest…. TIME FOR THE NEXT ROUND, BABY!!!

Yeah, yeah, I honestly have the most AWESOME procrastination skills ever.  YES, there is going to be a hunt..  in fact, in FOUR days, the application process will be closing (meaning get in your applications NOW ( https://huntforyourinnerslut.wordpress.com/application-for-hyis/ ).  Approval notecards with new signs will be given on June 6th, and then the object folders will go to the store owners/managers on June 10th.

I DID forget to put in the information at SLHUNT and HUNTSL in decent time, but I am going to try anyways.  My sincere apologies….  I will try to make up for this throughout the hunt and into Round 5:)


Lusty Regards,

Suff Lockjaw

Hunt Coordinator

Queen of Procrastination


Okay, well, ALMOST time;)


The applications are in, approved, stamped…. the cocks have been locked and loaded, fondled by me three times before handed over to the store owners for them to have their wicked, wicked ways with them before YOU..  YOU, my loyal hunters, get to hunt down our precious little golden cocks.

And THIS time.. this time the golden cock has a HEART-ON just for the occasion.

Unlike all the other hunts, we are celebrating LUST.  Fuck that love shit, we ALL know what makes the world go ’round.  Lust. Sex. Passion. We are going to show you the raunchy side of the Valentine’s season, in proper Inner Slut fashion.

I have tons of awesome stores for you this time, just like every other time..  actually, I got a few more this time!  We almost, ALMOST hit 50.  I will go OVER 50 next time, I will work my ass off more than normal JUST to make this the biggest adult hunt I can:)

FEBRUARY 15th at 12:00AM (00:00 SLT, to all those who read international time), we will be launching the hints, and all the store owners will have their prizes ready (at least, I am hoping).  So have patience while I finish revamping this blog to prepare it for this week!:)


Lusty Regards,

Suff Lockjaw

your lowly coordinator

Needing new merchants for THIS hunt, ASAP.

Hi folks,

I have had a couple stores that have gone out of business, had RL issues arise that have required them to not be in the hunt, and a few that broke the few simple rules that I have for Hunt for Your Inner Slut.  As such, I have too many gaps in my hunt.  I am VERY sorry to my hunters, who are missing out on the full hunt because of these gaps. Please understand most of them are beyond my control, and the few I removed for not following rules (changing the shape of the object, putting it more than 50m away, putting it within a solid prim) were for the benefit of keeping this a fun hunt.

At this time, I am in dire need of merchants that can put together a QUALITY item ASAP and join this round NOW, are in mature/adult sim, and are able to comply with my simple common sense rules (changing the shape of the object, putting it more than 50m away, putting it within a solid prim, keep in contact with me if there are any issues that arise that complicate your being in the hunt).

Thank you in advance to any merchants that message me IN GAME to let me know they are available and able to fill in these gaps.

The Hunt is Started!

We had a rough start, with some stores being missing, and others not quite reading the informational notecard that came with their cock object, but we are ALMOST completely done with the initial 48 hours of insanity!!!:D 

I want to thank all my merchants who are in the hunt for being the most awesome, fabulous content creators ever, and the hunters who have been patient and loyal through the beginning days:)  HYIS2 has now been live for almost 27 hours, and we only have maybe 3 errors to fix and we will be smooth sailing from here on out:)

If you look to the left of this post, you will see there is a tab called HINTS!!!!!…  please click on that for all the links and hints to the stores!  We have some well, known stores as well as some new ones (like my own at #30…lol), and I think you will agree with me that they did an awesome job!  Make sure to stop by the Hunt Office at the end to take your picture on Kock Kong, the hugeass golden penis with poses all over it!  LMAO!  There is even a pose for you petites, on the rim:D


Lustfully yours,